Our team is pleased and proud to help you achieve your dreams. We all share an enthusiastic, genuine desire to contribute to your success.

“Trust is the invisible glue that drives a team to win.”

  1. Dinah Corriveau

    Dinah Corriveau

    Senior Leasing Director Retail

  2. Maryam Jimenez

    Maryam Jimenez

    Senior Leasing Director Retail

  3. Mariline F. Galarneau

    Mariline F. Galarneau

    Leasing Director Retail

  4. Johanne Lafond

    Johanne Lafond

    Senior Coordinator Leasing

  5. Andréa Beaudoin

    Andréa Beaudoin

    Senior Paralegal Commercial Real Estate

  6. Elizabeth Lahaie

    Elizabeth Lahaie

    Senior Leasing Director Retail

  7. Julie Coulombe

    Julie Coulombe

    Leasing Assistant Leasing

  8. Marie-Pavina Larivée

    Marie-Pavina Larivée

    Leasing Assistant Leasing

  9. Myriane Huard

    Myriane Huard

    Leasing Assistant Leasing

  10. Rosalie Bouchard

    Rosalie Bouchard

    Manager Specialty Leasing And Partnerships

  11. Sébastien Dubois

    Sébastien Dubois

    Vice President, Leasing Retail

  12. Stéphanie Larocque

    Stéphanie Larocque

    Director Specialty Leasing And Partnerships

For general leasing information or to know who you may contact, please call 418 681-8151 for Québec City area and 514 337-8151 for Montréal area